Serious Case of the Mondays!

 (pictured: Alkaline Trio– A very famous Chicago Power Punk Trio that I cite as one of my greatest influences.)

Let me start by saying that I’m feeling very frustrated as I wrote out this whole entire article, and then lost my results from my computer crashed. So now I have to type it up again from total forgotten memory.

I am hoping that I can maintain my original enthusiasm as I really felt that I had some great material when I first I finished the first draft of this post. But enough rambling, let me dive straight into the topic which is the Chicago music scene of yesterday compared with today.

I’m about to go back as far in time as I can remember which is not that long compared to some of you people out there but know that no matter how old you are I still feel old in my heart. It feels like years ago I was a child growing up listening, loving and playing music. I remember several acts from Chicago that inspired me in the early day

I’ve never actually been to a show in Chicago. I really wish that I was there in the early 2000s or even the late 90s, when the scene was peaking. I think it would be comparable to the New York scene of the time with its own special punk flair.

I often fantasized about being a music writer in the Windy City. I had many other heroes at the time, including one teacher who had written for Rolling Stone. I don’t understand why he decided to become a teacher, when he could’ve kept writing for a awesome music publication. I would definitely be hanging out with an interviewing rock stars, rather than teaching some ungrateful high school seniors

I wonder if the classic power trio will ever come back. Even though bands like the Alkaline Trio capitalize on an age old top rock formula, they managed to put their own unique spin and had a dose of Chicago attitude to the mix. I am obviously biased in favor of trios is my favorite band growing up was Nirvana, influenced heavily by their drummer Dave Grohl

Now that I’m older and I have a little less energy than I did in my younger days, I find myself listening to less about aggressive loud and fun music. I actually find myself not listening to much music at all these days, which is something I’m not proud of and it definitely want to improve upon.

I don’t know what it is about being young but for some reason you identify more strongly with music at a young age. Maybe it’s because you feel powerless living under a roof with your parents, with little or nothing to say about the direction that your life will take. I remember that when I listen to music alone in my room I felt like I was 10 feet tall. I felt like I could take on the world and do anything, even though it was just a kid.

I recently read an article, or was it watched a video, about how our musical preferences crystallize around the age of 12. I can’t recall if my strong inclination was set before after that but I know there’s definitely some truth to it. I can’t get as passionately into new music these days, even though logically I know that there are some very great talented artists out there that probably deserve attention. Discovering new music is a young man’s game, in my opinion, and my old brain just can’t keep up with all the new stuff.

It’s getting late here in Chicago and I need to turn in, before a long day tomorrow. The good news is that tomorrow is Friday, and after I struggle through that one day it’s time for my weekend. I plan on doing nothing but relaxing, possibly playing my practice pad drum set downstairs for hours at a time.